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Muscat Chemical: The Gold Standard in Zeaxanthin Supply and Distribution

Emerging from the heart of Oman, Muscat Chemical’s global footprint stands unparalleled, particularly in the domain of Zeaxanthin. This valuable chemical, a beacon of health and wellness, gets its true worth under our meticulous production and distribution. Here’s a comprehensive overview of our commitment, expertise, and dedication in offering world-class Zeaxanthin.

CAS No: 144-68-3

Formula: C40H56O2

Product Description
Zeaxanthin, a naturally occurring carotenoid found predominantly in plants, is known for its vibrant color and potent antioxidant properties. Within the vast canvas of carotenoids, Zeaxanthin stands out for its intrinsic health benefits and pivotal role in human vision.

Usage & Applications

Zeaxanthin is a naturally occurring pigment belonging to the carotenoid group. It is found in various fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based foods. Zeaxanthin is also present in the human retina, where it plays a crucial role in protecting the eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light and oxidative damage. Here are extensive details about the applications and uses of zeaxanthin in different sectors:

1. Eye Health and Vision:

  • Macular Health: Zeaxanthin, along with lutein, is a major component of the macular pigment in the human eye. It helps protect the macula from oxidative damage and reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts.

  • Visual Acuity: Zeaxanthin is believed to improve visual acuity and contrast sensitivity, particularly in low-light conditions.

2. Dietary Supplements:

  • Eye Supplements: Zeaxanthin supplements are available over the counter and are commonly marketed as eye health supplements. They are taken to support macular health and prevent eye conditions.

  • Multivitamins: Zeaxanthin is sometimes included in multivitamin supplements for its potential health benefits.

3. Food Industry:

  • Food Coloring: Zeaxanthin is used as a natural food coloring agent, particularly in the dairy, confectionery, and beverage industries. It provides a yellow to orange color to various products.

4. Cosmetics and Skincare:

  • Anti-Aging Skincare: Zeaxanthin is included in some skincare products for its antioxidant properties and potential anti-aging effects on the skin.

5. Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • Medicinal Uses: Some pharmaceutical formulations may include zeaxanthin for its antioxidant properties and potential health benefits.

6. Research and Academia:

  • Nutritional Studies: Zeaxanthin is a subject of research in nutritional studies, particularly in the context of eye health and its role as an antioxidant.

7. Aquaculture:

  • Fish Farming: Zeaxanthin is used as a feed additive in aquaculture to enhance the color of fish flesh, particularly in salmon and trout farming.

8. Animal Feed:

  • Poultry Farming: Zeaxanthin is sometimes included in poultry feed to improve the color of egg yolks and poultry skin.

9. Environmental and Agricultural Sectors:

  • Plant Protection: Zeaxanthin and other carotenoids in plant tissues serve as antioxidants and protect plants from oxidative stress caused by UV radiation and other environmental factors.

It's important to note that zeaxanthin's primary role is in promoting eye health and protecting the retina from oxidative damage. As a dietary supplement and food additive, it is valued for its potential health benefits. However, its use in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors is more limited and often driven by its antioxidant properties. Always consult with a healthcare professional before taking zeaxanthin supplements, especially if you have specific health concerns or conditions related to eye health.

Product Parameters & Specifications

Grade Standard: Pharmaceutical Grade, Food Grade, Cosmetic Grade.
Certification: ISO, HACCP, Halal.
Purity: ≥98%.
Appearance: Reddish-orange to dark-red crystalline powder.
Our Advantages

Global Reach: Our Zeaxanthin illuminates industries from the innovative hubs of San Francisco and Berlin to the traditional marketplaces of Mumbai and Cairo.
R&D Excellence: Ongoing research ensures the purest and most effective Zeaxanthin.
Customer-Centricity: Our solutions are tailored for individual needs, with a strong focus on forging long-lasting partnerships.
Production Capacity
Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, our capability to produce Zeaxanthin caters to both niche markets and large-scale industrial needs.

Quality Control
Our Zeaxanthin undergoes rigorous testing, adhering to international standards and ensuring consistent quality.

Recognizing the diverse needs of industries, we provide Zeaxanthin in various concentrations and formulations.

Company Info
Muscat Chemical, emanating from Oman's rich heritage and forward-looking vision, has risen as a beacon of excellence in the global chemical landscape.

Utilizing cutting-edge packaging solutions, Zeaxanthin is assured of its integrity from our doors to its global destinations.

Physical Properties

Melting Point: 204-206°C
Solubility: Soluble in fats, insoluble in water.
Preserve Zeaxanthin in a cool, shielded environment away from direct sunlight to maintain its essence.

Quality Inspection
Each batch undergoes stringent inspection, underscoring our commitment to impeccable quality.

Plant Area
Nestled amidst Oman's strategic locations, our facility is a symphony of traditional values and modern engineering.

Terms of Payment & Quotation
Our flexible payment options are designed to accommodate the diverse fiscal frameworks of our global clientele.

Nearest Port
Benefiting from Oman's geo-strategic location, our proximity to key ports ensures timely and efficient deliveries.

Import & Export Mode
Our vast logistics network guarantees that our Zeaxanthin reaches its global destinations seamlessly.

Muscat Chemical is not just a brand; it's an emblem of trust, quality, and relentless pursuit of excellence. As Zeaxanthin brightens the eyes of many across the world, our commitment illuminates the path of innovation, sustainability, and mutual growth. As we pen down this narrative of excellence, we invite you to join hands with us, embracing a brighter, healthier future.

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