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Email Support : 00968 99489269
Whats APP:: Oman: +968 93960629
Oman:+968 99489269 UAE:+971569159739
  • We are the largest manufacturer and
    supplier of Rig wash and Degreaser all
    over India and UAE
  • We are the largest manufacturer and
    supplier of Tank cleaning and Hold solution
    chemical all over India and UAE

MUSCAT AND BARKA BUSINESS TRADING - chemical company in Sultanate of Oman

MBBT Chemical company is the most popular chemical manufacturing and trading company in Barka Industrial Area Oman Barka Sanaya Muscat Oman. Muscat Barka chemical company engaged in chemical trade Globally. Chemical Group division is situated at Africa, UAE, India, and Canada. MBBT deals in Silica Gel, Activated Alumina, Carbon, Solvent, Acids, Bleach, Coolant Glycol, Water Treatment and RO Chemicals, Marine Oil field chemicals, and many more. LINK for Product Details

Branches - Products - Facility

Our Branches

Our Chemical Group Company is Located in India, UAE Middle East, Oman, Nairobi Africa, and Canada. We are keeping a Full range of marine oil field chemicals, Water treatment, and Fuel Oil Treatment chemicals, Carbon, Activated Alumina, Silica Gel, Solvent, Acids, Bleach, Caustic Soda etc


Products Range

Our group company deals in more than 4500 chemical products.  Details of product is available on this LINK. We also providing Private labeling services offer you the opportunity of having our high-quality, manufactured products branded as your own.


Import Export Facility

Direct Import Export Facility, We are providing our customers to deal directly with our all branches. Our customers can order from any part of the Globe to get materials in OMAN - INDIA - UAE - CANADA - NAIROBI KENYA. Our brand has its own manufacturing strength. Our in-house professional knowledge is acquired from many years of Experience.


Local Services

"Get Chemical in any CITY, with MBBT" We also provide local services to understand our customer issues in all respect. We are in BARKA MUSCAT as a local chemical supplier nearby you.


Environment friendly products

We have sold over a million Ltrs of  products  without a failure. We put this down to the fact that, as manufacturers, we have total control of the raw materials we use and our manufacturing process. Many of our competitors source their tankcleaner form third parties abroad and cannot stand by their products as confidently as we can..

MBBT CHEMICAL a pioneer in the field of marine chemical having commence operation in 1996. As an independent company it manufactures RXSOL brand Industrial / Shipping, Tank cleaning products, RO Membrane chemical, Water treatment chemicals, Paint Thinner, Descaling compound, Degreaser etc..

  • Degreaser
  • TankCleaner-20
  • Detergent-Soap
  • Cooling Water-Treatment
  • ROChemicals-33
  • Metal-treatment
  • ScaleRemover-11
  • HandWash/Personalcare-14

Why Muscat Barka Chemical?

MBBT MUSCAT BARKA CHEMICAL division deals in more than 4500 products globally.  MUSCAT BARKA chemicals have a vision that will work for continual improvement in its Quality, Environment, Cost effective solutions and safe System to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction

MBBT CHEMICAL Working closely with customers and vendors and  Creating meaningful ways for employees to participate in the system

We are working towards Developing and applying new technology. Our business is in a safe and healthy manner with a commitment to prevention of injuries. Reviewing periodically to measure progress

Muscat Barka Chemical provides our customers with customized packing as per their demand. Our chemicals are available in 2.5 Ltr, 25 Ltr, and 200 Liter packing. Also, we have a very strict policy to deal with our customers Our employees and directors must avoid engaging in any activity that might create a conflict of interest or create a perception of a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest occurs when an employee or director is, for any reason, in a position where his or her conduct could be (or appear to be) influenced by some factor other than concern solely for the best interests of MBBT CHEMICAL.

Such factors include receiving gifts of more than a minimal value from someone working for a supplier, customer, or competitor, or having a significant financial or other interest in any of those other businesses by either the employee or director or a member of his or her family

Our Leadership is always strict on the International standards of QUALITY CHEMICALS. Also, Our Company policy is to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. MBBT CHEMICAL exists in a complex maze of local, national, and international laws. Violations of these laws can be extremely costly and subject the company or the employee or director to criminal or civil penalties.

Our officer strictly guided to familiarize yourself with all of the laws and regulations that apply in the areas of your responsibilities. MBBT CHEMICAL is committed to equal employment opportunity and fair treatment for employees commencing with hiring and continuing through all aspects of the employment relationship

MUSCAT AND BARKA BUSINESS TRADING  is an International Chemical manufacturing company to full fill chemicals demand of Oil field, Marine shipping Tank cleaning chemicals, Water Treatment, RO membrane cleaning chemical, Antiscalant, Corrosion Inhibitor, Degreaser, Rigs Oil Field industries industry, Petroleum Storage Tank and Pipe line Cleaning Chemical Industries, Flocculant and many more.

MBBT Muscat Barka Chemical covers full range of marine chemicals - Including Deck Engine Maintenance chemicals, Tank Cleaning Detergent, Ship Hold Cleaning Chemical, Fuel Oil Treatment Chemicals, Boiler and Cooling Water Treatment chemicals, RO CHEMICALS

We are working as a partner of global international chemicals company and keeping ready stock of materials at MUSCAT. Our group partner also covers all types of lab chemical, Lab instrument etc for industrial and institutional demand.

We are globally

International Brand and quality chemical products Manufacturer, supplier, and Exporter in Muscat Oman. Our group division works Internationally and we have a strong distribution network in India, UAE Middle East, Oman, Kenya Africa, and Canada.
Oman UAE India Africa Canada


RXSOL CHEMICAL  product uses everywhere like in Oil fields, Marine Shipping Industries, medical and Lab Chemicals, Schools and Colleges Lab, Food and Poultry, and agriculture. We have more than 4500 chemical product ranges globally and MBBT Muscat Barka Chemical stock point in BARKA MUSCAT OMAN.


MUSCAT BARKA Chemical House and supplier in Muscat Oman.

Scale Dis solver and RXSOL Cleaning Chemicals
ScaleRemover Descaling Chemicals
Scale Cleaning Chemicals RXSOL
ScaleRemover Descaling Chemicals
Scale Cleaning Chemicals RXSOL

Scales removal and dissolving chemicals from heat exchangers, condensers and boiler tubes, Washing machines, Coffee Machine Descaler etc

Full Profile
Detergent Raw Materials
Detergent Raw Materials

MBBT - Muscat and Barka for Business Chemical company are one of the popular detergent Raw Chemical suppliers in Barka Muscat Oman...

Full Profile
Metal Cleaning and Treatment Chemicals
Metal Treatment
Metal Treatment
Metal Treatment
Metal Treatment

MBBT Muscat and Barka for Business Chemical company is keeping full range of METAL TREATMENT chemicals...

Full Profile
RXSOL Membrane Cleaner
RO Cleaning Maintenance Chemical
RO Cleaning Maintenance Chemical

RO Chemicals cover a Full range of Reverse Osmosis treatment and cleaning chemicals.

Full Profile
Water Treatment Chemical supplier Muscat Oman
Water Treatment Chemicals Muscat
Boiler and Cooling Water Treatment
Water Treatment Chemicals Muscat
Boiler and Cooling Water Treatment
Full Profile
Marine Chemicals RXSOL
Marine Chemicals
Deck Engine Ship Hold Tank Cleaning Chemicals
Marine Chemicals
Deck Engine Ship Hold Tank Cleaning Chemicals
Full Profile
OSD and Grease
Oil Spill Dispersant and Degreaser
Oil Spill Dispersant Degreaser
Oil Spill Dispersant and Degreaser
Oil Spill Dispersant Degreaser

Click to get Product Full range : 

Full Profile
Silica Gel Activated Carbon and Alumina
Carbon Silica Gel Alumina
Silica Gel Activated Carbon and Alumina
Carbon Silica Gel Alumina
Silica Gel Activated Carbon and Alumina

Refer Below link for Full range of Product

Full Profile

Silica Gel-Activated Carbon-Activated Alumina-Laundry-Agrochem

Silica Gel

Silica Gel Blue, White, and Orange Silicagel are available in crystal and bead form in 5 Gram, 25, 50, 100, 500 gram to 1 Kg POUCH. Link for full range of SILICA GEL

Activated Alumina

MBBT Muscat Barka and Business Trading is most popular Activated Alumina, Silica Gel, Activated carbon supplier in Barka Muscat Oman. Click on the link to get the full range of ACTIVATED ALUMINA

Agriculture Product

Agriculture Fertilizer, Insecticide, Fungicide Full range LINK. MBBK Muscat Barka Chemicals keeping full rnage of Agriculture Chemicals Products.

Coolant Glycol Antifreeze

MUSCAT BARKA Chemicals manufacturer and supplier of a Full range of COOLANT and GLYCOL, Antifreeze.  Click for MORE DETAILS.

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon Granule, Coconut Shell-based Activated Carbon available in Powder and Pellet for a FULL range of ACTIVATED CARBON refer this LINK

Laundry Chemicals

Bleaching Liquid Softener, Colour Bleach Detergent full range product LINK

Marine-Oil Field Chemicals

81 Product Deck Engine Maint Chem
  •  Air Cooler Cleaner
  •  Carbon Remover
  •  Hand Cleaner Paste
  •  Disc Separator Cleaner
  •  Bilge Clean
  •  Electrosol
  • OSD Oil Spill Dispersant
FULL Range
90 Product Tank Cleaner
  •  Tankclean TTC
  •  Alkaleen Cleaner Safety
  •  LAC Alkaline Tank Clean
  •  Bunker Cleaner
  •  Metal Clean Bright
  • HCF Remover
FULL Range
36 Product  Ship Hold Clean
  •  Slip Barrier Coat
  •  Aquatuff Alkaline Hold Clean
  •  Coal Remover
  •  Cement Remover
  •  Lime Remover
  •  Muriatic Acid
  • Hold Wash
FULL Range
119 Product  Boiler & Cooling Chemical
  •  Hardness Control
  •  Oxygen Control
  •  One Shot Liquitreat
  •  Corrosion Inhibitor
  •  Engine Water Treatment
  •  Biocide
  • Rocor NB
FULL Range

Happy Client

  • Ship Chandler
    Garja Hidustan / Ship Chandler

    it produce and provide cleaning solutions and related products for the merchant marine industry.

  • Ship Chandler
    Scindia Aden / Ship Chandler

    Good quality and very reasonable price. RXMARINE INTERNATIONAL Global provide products along with endue repair and care handling to the National & international Marine industries...

  • Manufacturer and Distributor
    Kathy / Manufacturer and Distributor

    Support and response has been amazing, helping me with several issues I came across and got them solved almost the same day. A pleasure to work with them!


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