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Ballast Tank Chem-23

Leading Calcium Hydroxide Supplier in Muscat Oman

Muscat Chemical proudly stands tall as the vanguard of the chemical industry in Oman, particularly as a dominant supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of Calcium Hydroxide. With an unyielding dedication to quality and customer service, we have positioned ourselves as an industry frontrunner.

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ACCELERAGE SLUDGE ACCELERATION AGENT Supplier Oman Muscat Barka Salalah Sohar Ruwi Mutrah Nizwa Al Hamra Manah

Activated Sludge Acceleration Agent

Activated Sludge Acceleration Agent

Biostimulation, which employs nutrients to enhance the proliferation of indigenous microorganisms and therefore the degradation of contaminants, is an effective tool for treatment of oil-contaminated soil. Biostimulation promoted the proliferation of bacteria, with Gammaproteobacteria showing the greatest increase. However, the proliferation of fungi was inhibited by the accumulation of the degradation products. 


BALLAST CLEANER DISINFECTANT Supplier Oman Muscat Barka Salalah Sohar Ruwi Mutrah Nizwa Al Hamra Manah

A 12% solution is widely used in waterworks for the chlorination of water and a 15% solution is more commonly used for disinfection of Ballast  water tank.  And addition of proper Ballast Cleaner Disinfectant into Ballast Tank makes super Disinfectant. RXSOL group developed such disinfectant and supplying world wide more then 30 country. And we have more then 180 satisfied customer for this specialized disinfectant. 

SEDIMENT MUD SILT REMOVER Supplier Oman Muscat Barka Salalah Sohar Ruwi Mutrah Nizwa Al Hamra Manah

It is a odourless pale yellow POLMERISED viscous liquid for Removal of sediments, silt and mud. Its polymerisation dual effect mechanism help to prevent hard deposition of mud layer on metal surface as well as keeps mud particle in loose condition which causes more labour to clean . APPLICATION : POLYELECTROLYTE conditioner is highly economical , non toxic , non polluting chemical its lower concentration effectivenes with water keeps it in very ECONOMICAL GRADE materials class. 

BALLAST TANK CLEANER Supplier Oman Muscat Barka Salalah Sohar Ruwi Mutrah Nizwa Al Hamra Manah

Ballast tank cleaner is a highly soluble, product used for the reduction of hardness of mud in Ballast Tanks. RXSOL-23-2005-025 can be use as Cargo Tank Cleaners,  · Cargo Hold cleaner  and Ballast Tank Water Treatment. Mud and silt remover also Mud and Silt Conditioner for Ballast TanksRXSOL-23-2005-025 is a liquid blend of organic compounds, scale and corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavengers and sludge conditioners with valuable surfactants. 

CORROISION INHIBITOR FOR METAL Supplier Oman Muscat Barka Salalah Sohar Ruwi Mutrah Nizwa Al Hamra Manah

A POWERFULL corrosive preventive to prevent corrosion from seawater in ship BALLAST TANK. It contains organic and inorganic inhibitors with Zinc.

Corroision Inhibitor for METAL is a liquid film-forming corrosion inhibitor. For use in ballast tanks, bilges, voids, cofferdams and barges. It  is a blend of organic and inorganic inhibitors. It contains no chromates and is completely soluble in sea water.

RXSOL-23-2901-025 is film-forming corrosion inhibitor. RXSOL-23-2901-025 is useful for Ballast Tanks, Bilges, Voids, Cofferdams and Barges.

Chemicals manufacturer supplier in Barka Muscat Oman

Muscat and Barka for Business Trading BARKA, OMAN based company. We establish itself as one of the leading wide range of suppliers catering exclusively to the needs of the marine, Oil Field, Chemical and Food industry. We cover Tank Cleaner, Water treatment chemical, Oil Field chemical, Power Plant chem, Food Industries.  

Our Valuable Product List

Soda Ash

Phosphoric Acid

DI Water

Soap noodles

Mono Ethylene Glycol

Rust and Scale Remover



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