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Muscat Chemical: Leading the Heptanoic Acid Evolution in Oman

In the sprawling tapestry of chemical innovations and developments, Muscat Chemical firmly etches its indelible mark, illuminating the sector with its unwavering commitment to excellence. From the majestic terrains of Oman, an epitome of chemical expertise rises, setting new benchmarks and pioneering advancements in the field of Heptanoic Acid. As we traverse this intricate maze, let us unravel the marvel of Heptanoic Acid as masterfully curated and crafted by Muscat Chemical, your paramount partner for all Heptanoic Acid requirements.

CAS NO: 111-14-8

Formula: C7H14O2

Product Description
Heptanoic Acid, renowned for its varied applications and significant role across industries, stands as a beacon of innovation and versatility. Often characterized by its sharp, pungent odor, it has carved a unique niche in a spectrum of industrial processes. Dive with us into the intricate world of Heptanoic Acid as fashioned with unparalleled precision by Muscat Chemical.

Usage and Application
Heptanoic acid, commonly known as enanthic acid, finds its roots in numerous applications:

Flavor and Fragrance Agent: Due to its characteristic aroma, it is used in small amounts in perfumes and flavors.
Intermediary in Pharmaceuticals: Serves as an essential precursor in the synthesis of various drugs.
Synthesis of Esters: These esters, particularly heptyl esters, find application in flavors and fragrances.
Plasticizers: Involved in the production of certain plasticizers enhancing flexibility.
Organic Synthesis: Utilized as an intermediate in various organic reactions.
Product Parameters
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade

Certification: Honoring prestigious certifications like ISO 9001, GMP, and beyond.

Purity: Boasting a remarkable purity level of 99.9%

Appearance: A clear, colorless liquid with a distinctive odor.

Density: 0.918 g/cm^3
Melting Point: -7.5°C
Boiling Point: 223°C
Our Advantages
Worldwide Network: A mammoth distribution framework spanning metropolises like Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, New York, and the entire Middle East.
Commitment to Quality: Every batch exemplifies our dedication to surpassing industry norms.
Tailored Solutions: Bespoke offerings catering to varied industrial requirements.
Production Capacity
Empowered by avant-garde technology and machinery, Muscat Chemical stands ready to meet global Heptanoic Acid demands with a formidable production capacity.

Quality Control
Intricate and stringent quality checks, driven by cutting-edge technology, affirming product consistency and excellence.

Acknowledging the diverse demands of our clientele, we offer tailor-made solutions, especially for bulk and specialized orders.

Company Info
Muscat Chemical, Oman's pride, embodies a saga of relentless pursuit of innovation and unmatched expertise. As we carve our narrative, each chapter resonates with dedication, technological prowess, and a promise to cater to the global chemical diaspora with unwavering vigor.

Commitment to product integrity drives our packaging standards, ensuring pristine condition upon delivery.

Physical Properties
Solubility: Miscible with most organic solvents and moderately soluble in water.
Viscosity: 2.98 mPa.s at 25°C
Ensuring longevity by recommending storage in a cool, ventilated space, away from sources of ignition or extreme temperatures.

Quality Inspection
Meticulous inspection protocols guarantee alignment with international quality metrics, showcasing our unwavering commitment to quality.

Plant Area
Strategically situated, our expansive facility is an epitome of state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, underpinning our position as a global chemical powerhouse.

Terms of Payment or Quotation & Payment
Embracing a multitude of payment avenues, we ensure a seamless and transparent transaction process, attesting to our customer-centric approach.

Nearest Port
Situated in close proximity to the significant Muscat Port, we guarantee rapid and efficient shipping, epitomizing our commitment to punctuality.

Import & Export Mode
Our intricate logistics network ensures timely and efficient deliveries across the Middle East and prominent global hubs, echoing our international stature.

Muscat Chemical, not just a name but a legacy, beckons a future where chemical innovations redefine boundaries. As the tale of Heptanoic Acid unfolds, our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction illuminates every page. Join us as we venture into new horizons, establishing benchmarks and crafting a narrative that will be celebrated for generations in the chemical cosmos.

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